EAST LIGHT  Group was established in 2006. The main business scope in the international trade of iron ore, chrome ore, manganese ore and other raw materials.

香港EAST LIGHT 公司於2006年 成立。本公司主要經營範圍:鐵礦、鉻礦、錳礦以及各種礦石及原材料等產品國際貿易業務。


EAST LIGHT is located in Hong Kong where is a international finance and foreign exchange center. To facilitate full play its financial strength and the quality of professional services, the manufacturers, suppliers and customers to establish a closed business contacts in China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and Africa.

公司位於國際金融、外匯交的中心 - 香港,便於充份發揮雄厚的資金實力和優質的專業服務,與中國、臺灣、東南亞以及非洲等國家生產商、供應商以及客戶建立了強大的業務關系。


EAST LIGHT has a team of experienced professionals and advanced management concept. With keen concern to provide supreme quality services, expanding its business fields and competitiveness.

EAST LIGHT 擁有一批經驗豐富的專業人才和先進的管理理念,憑著質量至上的服務宗旨,不斷擴大業務領域和企業的竟爭力。


The Company can either re-sell the steel resourced products to the steel mills/ final users; whilst we can provide trade finance service in their purchases of steel resource products. The mechanism is:



For the purchase, East Light can accept the steel plant's (buyer's) usance L/C.  East Light will open a sight payment L/C to the suppliers or sellers. The prices and specifications of steel plant can be agreed directly between buyers and suppliers or vendors;It means that every purchase of raw materials (between 90 and 180 days), the steel plant can pay by usance L/C.  That speeds up production of the suppliers or sellers, besides facilitating the steel plant in funding.